Meet the Team

Sara | Southern Belle & Photographer

There’s nothing she loves more then cowboy boots and photography! If she’s not in the office, you will find her two stepping around weddings.

Al | Cake Lover & Photographer

Did someone say chocolate cake?! Al absolutely loves desserts, especially chocolate! Almost as much as he loves to take amazing photographs.

Retina | Editor & Photographer

One of the few creatives left that prefers the process of film photography. When she’s not perfecting your pictures, she is working on social justice projects aimed at making the world a little more peaceful.

Thomas | Ninja & Photographer

A photographer armed with a razor- sharp commitment to preserving the emotions of the hard-to-get candid photographs. He may not be seen, but rest assure that he’s capturing the WOW shot.

Hallie | Illustrator & Photographer

When Hallie isn’t crafting images with a pen, paintbrush or printing press, she spends her time behind a lens making sure that the special moments in your life mimic art.

Charles | Rolling Stone & Photographer

You know Charles is working extremely hard on photographs when you hear that rock music playing! Nothing motivates Charles more than an amazing song with a good beat.

Weihan | Iron Man & Photographer

Endurance training goes a long way for a photographer.  When he’s not shooting a wedding you can usually find him running, swimming, riding his bike or these days, facing his biggest challenge – diaper duty!

Jason | Photographer & Blogger

When Jason isn’t Youtubing about the newest camera gear you can find find him putting it to good use at weddings around town.

Sue | Details & Perfection

No two weddings are ever the same! Sue is in charge of ensuring that everything goes perfect and no detail is overlooked on your wedding day.

Thanet | Spiritual Guru

Thanet’s highest goal in life is to express, share and inspire love. He is deeply drawn to emotion, photography, spirituality, and life.

Erin |  Post Production Perfectionist

We searched the globe…(well really just North America) for a true Post Production Professional! Located in New Jersey, Erin is the quintessential Photoshop-Lightroom-Bridge expert.

Yancy | Photographer

Three of Yancy’s greatest loves are Natural Light…Torchy’s Tacos… and adding a touch of dramatic flair to your wedding photographs!

Jay | Part Business, All Photographer

Founder and photographer. When Jay is not behind the camera you can find him working on the next BIG thing for EVOKE. When we land that “reality show” you will know it was Jay that made it happen.

Armando | Taco Lover & Photographer

The only thing he loves more than breakfast tacos is photography. He brings his passion for capturing images to your wedding.