Policy and Procedures

Adding "Standards and Workflow" is an infrequent but very important process. This page exists so that we can remember how to do it.
Workflows can be thought of as “procedures.” They are designed for EVOKE employees. Workflows can be created for any task that need to be performed consistently. You are telling someone HOW to do something. When writing a Workflow, write in a timeless way. The procedure you outline should not change (too much) over time.
Standards are guidelines for performance. For instance a Standard might say: “EVOKE captures a minimum of 50 images of the Bride alone before the ceremony.” See how that is different than a Workflow? Standards should always be password protected. The password to use for Standards is “5407.”
Post Formatting
Both Workflows and Standards are written as POSTS. Each post is given a CATEGORY which will determine which menu it appears in, and helps to clarify WHO should be reading the post. To write the copy, use Google Docs, copy and paste to a text editor to remove HTML before pasting into the WP TEXT editor. Then just change the headlines to h5. Finally, ensure that you click: No Index, No Follow, and Exclude from Sitemap in All In One SEO.
Posts with the Sidebar
If you want the sidebar shown on the post, you will need to click “Sidebars” in Wordpress and find the Studio Workflow sidebar. There you will see a box in the top left of the dialogue where you can check the page you want to show the sidebar on.
Posts Without the Sidebar
You may not want to have a sidebar on your post if it is a full width form, or in the event you want to email the link to an UpWork contractor. (You do not want an UpWork contractor poking around in all the Workflows and Standards do you?) In that event, make the post full page so the sidebar does not appear. At this time….this is the process. Add the following CSS code via Appearance > Customize >Custom > Additional CSS: .single.postid-11745 .x-sidebar { display: none !important; } .single.postid-11745 .x-main { width: 80% !important; } To find the post ID for the code, scroll over the post title in WP and look at the bottom of your Chrome browser. Or, check out this link: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-how-to-locate-post-ids/59
Add Post Name to Menu
Each post is given a CATEGORY which will determine which menu it appears in, and helps to clarify WHO should be reading the post. If you are creating a new CATEGORY, then you need to add that category to the Sidebar Widget using a special plugin. Go to Widgets in WP and find the Sidebar on the right side of the screen that you want to add the category to. Drag the “POST IN SIDEBAR” widget from the left side of the screen and select “Get Posts” by Category Slug. Uncheck the box the gives the short description and your done.
Creating Videos in Camtasia
Export settings are 1280x720 Mp4.