Postponement and Cancellations

Updated 3/17/2020 for Coronavirus

The Team at EVOKE intends to stay flexible and accommodating during these crazy times. While the Coronavirus remains a significant health risk, EVOKE’s basic policies are not changing regarding payment or Terms of Service. You can review EVOKE’s Terms of Services here

WEDDING POSTPONEMENT – If you are postponing your wedding, EVOKE will accommodate the new date at no additional charge, and the original agreement will carry over to the new date. However, if EVOKE is unable to accommodate the new date, EVOKE will refund 100% of the paid amount  / unused portion of the agreement (deducting Session Fees if used). If you are planning to postpone your wedding, please use the form below to notify EVOKE of a date change.

>> To keep your current date while checking other possible dates, use this form. <<
>> If you know your new date OR wish to postpone without a date, use this form. <<

WEDDING CANCELLATIONS – According to the EVOKE agreement, all payments are non-refundable with no credit issued, but we have updated due to the current situation to offer credit so YOUR MONEY IS NOT LOST.  If you are canceling your wedding and requesting a refund, EVOKE will issue you credit for the amount you have paid. This credit can be used for; Family Sessions, Newborn Sessions, Holiday Events, Anniversaries, or be transferred to a family member or friend who is getting married. EVOKE will not put an expiration date on the credit.  Please use the form below to notify EVOKE of a cancelled wedding.

>> To cancel your wedding and be issued credit, use this form. <<

SCHEDULED WEDDINGS – Should you decide to continue with your wedding while the Coronavirus remains a health risk, the Photographers / Videographers at EVOKE may elect to limit exposure to any perceived sick guest or may elect to leave the wedding entirely. This will be the sole decision of the Photographer / Videographer. In this event, EVOKE will refund you proportional to the time covered.