Wedding Details Call

EVOKE Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk about those wedding details!

The “Wedding Details Call” should be scheduled in the 10-20 days prior to your wedding date. The Wedding Details Call will take approximately 25 minutes. Please note you must fill out the Wedding Details Form before scheduling your Wedding Details Call.

Get Ready

  • Do you have any special requests? If so, please have a list ready before the call. For more information, check out this article: Requested Photos and Video.
  • Will you be purchasing the original media? EVOKE discards original media 30 days after the wedding date. For more information, check out this article: Associated Media.
  • If you have not done so, please be prepared to pay any balance on your account.
  • EVOKE Photography and Video portrait of couple after ceremony at Lindsay Lakes.
  • The Wedding Chapel at Briscoe Manor
  • Outside Bridal Portraits at the Bell Tower on 34th

Schedule the Call

Now that you are ready, please use the calendar below to schedule a time that is most convenient for you. Please schedule your time at least 10 days prior to your event. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on cancelling / rescheduling the appointment if necessary.