Modeling Application

EVOKE is looking for a few enthusiastic individuals with…or without modeling experience to participate in a photoshoot that will produce media to be used in both in-house training materials, as well as external advertising and marketing campaigns. Our goal is to demonstrate one or multiple photography techniques to both staff or potential clients by utilizing dynamic images in an A/B comparison format. Please see the examples above to better understand how these images may be used.

To demonstrate different concepts, we may have you wear either street clothes or wedding attire. We are exclusively a wedding photography studio, so if you have access to a contemporary wedding dress in your size this is a huge plus. In addition, some concepts may require different accessories such as a bouquet etc. We will be willing to reimburse you for such expenses up to the stated dollar amount found below.

What we will need from you:

  • Camera Audition & The Following Information with Written Consent to Use your Images in the Aforementioned Materials

What it Pays:

  • $50 / hour while Shooting (minimum of $120, 2.4 hours)
  • You get the digital files of all images captured
  • Hair & Makeup Allowance up to $100 with Receipt
  • Bouquet Allowance up to $65 with Receipt
  • Dress Cleaning Allowance up to $50 with Receipt