Exceeding Expectations

EVOKE Frequently Asked Questions

EVOKE does not set out to meet your expectations…we set out to exceed them! And for that reason, it is important to get on the same page before the wedding. The events of your wedding day happen FAST and rarely go as planned. Dresses take longer to put on than expected, boutineers get pinned on the wrong side, flowergirls and ring bearers cry, family members sneaks off to the restrooms just before the family photos, and on…and on…and on. An experienced Wedding Photographer knows that not every moment will be captured, and not every image that is captured will be perfect. An experienced photographer knows that just give 2 more minutes, the image could be SOO much better (but something else would be missed)! An experienced Photographer knows Wedding Photography is a constant trade off between perfection and capturing the moment. An inexperienced Photographer may not be willing to discuss this. However, at EVOKE we are Professionals and we know better than to promise the moon and deliver the stars. You can have confidence knowing that nobody is better suited to address the uncertainties of your wedding day then the team at EVOKE. Weddings are ALL WE DO! 18 Years!