Bridal and Engagement Sessions

EVOKE Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find everything you need to know about your Bridal and/or Engagement session. There is a lot of information here so please grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

When to Schedule

Bridal Sessions are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks before the wedding and Engagement Sessions are typically scheduled 6-8 months in advance of the wedding. Sessions are scheduled Monday – Friday and occasionally on Sundays. Sessions can be scheduled (or rescheduled) 3-60 days in advance and canceled within 72 hours of the appointment time if needed. All scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling must be done via EVOKE’s Sessions Calendar.

How to Schedule

When you are ready to schedule a time, call or email. EVOKE will then email you a link to the Sessions Calendar.

Availability for your session depends on location, and time of the year. The Sessions Calendar combines our total availability for the next 60 days, by location. We typically offer 60 (or more) appointment times…covering a 50+ mile radius around Houston. You should have no problem finding a time that is convenient for you.

Additionally, not all Photographers service Bridal and Engagement sessions, and schedules fluctuate weekly for those that do. For that reason, it is unknown who will be photographing your session until a time, date, and location is selected.

Your Appointment Time

You will be called by your photographer 48 hours in advance of your session to reconfirm times and locations. Should you miss this call, please call your photographer back at your earliest convenience.

Sessions last a maximum of one hour from the scheduled start time. Be sure to arrive in advance of the start time to ensure you receive the full hour of photography without additional charge. Should you be running late, additional time will be billed at $31.25 per 15 minute increment. Time beyond one additional hour may not be available based on the next Bride’s start time.

For example, if your start time is 1PM and you arrive at 1:30, the session will end at 2:30 and $62.50 will be added to your contract. However, we would be unable to accommodate any additional time past 3:00PM as that may interfere with the next client’s start time.

About Public Parks

We have a number of public locations we shoot at for sessions around the Houston area. Many locations are free of charge, while others charge for the use of the property. Likewise, the condition of each property can change throughout the year. For that reason, (if you are not considering your Venue or EVOKE Studio) we suggest scheduling at one of our recommended locations. Please keep in mind popular locations (e.g. Memorial & Herman Park) will be very busy with a lot of traffic, limited parking, and other photographers on the location. Please take this into account when making travel plans to reach your shoot destination.

Here you can view our recommended location portfolios.

Props & Pets

Props – Please bring them along; anything to better bring your journey to life is wonderful! Got an idea? Inspiration that you’d like your photographer to capture? Please provide a shot list and e-mail it to  your photographer before your shoot. Pets – We love your pets and we look forward to making them a part of your session! We do ask that you please make sure that you walk the dog before to calm them down at the same location so your dog(s) will be familiar with area beforehand. 

Planning Ahead

All session clients, please make sure you eat and drink enough water before your session.

Weather/Rain, Rescheduling, and Canceling

We realize how hot and humid the temperature may get in the summer months. During warmer sessions please plan accordingly by bringing along some cold towel and water. If the weather is not predicted to cooperate on the day of your Location Session, you may reschedule the session 24 hours in advance by using the “Reschedule” or “Cancel” link located on your appointment confirmation email. In any situation less than 24 hours, contact your photographer for available options.

Specifically for Engagement Sessions

For engagement sessions, we recommend one outfit with possible variations such as jacket on or off. Perhaps bringing a second shirt for each of you would be an option. For location sessions, the logistics of finding a changing room/area and taking a break in the middle of our hour can burn more time than it’s worth. We recommend leaving the extra wardrobe in your vehicle where possible or have a friend accompany you to carry bags and changes of clothing while we walk and shoot hands free.

Feel free to bring any props that like! If you have a special activity….such as watching football, don’t hesitate to bring your jerseys and a football. Likewise, feel free to bring your dog. We understand! However, if you are bringing your dog, it will be necessary to have an additional friend or family member present to look after Rover while we are finishing the session. Please make the photographer aware of any props or pets prior to the session.

Specifically Bridal Sessions

If you have the option, consider using your reception venue for your Bridal Session. Access to air conditioning and a changing room come in handy for a Bridal. Also, your wedding day will go a lot smoother if you know that you have already taken a few bridal portraits at your venue/location. If prior approval with your venue/location is required for a bridal session, please make arrangements before confirming with EVOKE.

If you are planning to do your Bridal Session at a location other than your venue, keep in mind there may not be access to a changing room. Besides your wedding day shoes: if we are shooting in a field, you might want to bring up a backup pair of flats with sturdy bottoms. You don’t want your heels to be a problem by sinking into the ground as you walk for location to location.

We will do all that we can to keep your dress as clean as possible. However, you should expect your dress to get a little dirty. For that reason, it is helpful to be accompanied by a friend or relative to carry your train and bouquet, and to make adjustments to your dress/petticoat. (Yes, we do recommend that you have a bouquet made for the session.) However, try to avoid bringing someone that may stress you out. If this happens to be Mom, she can be surprised later when it’s time to see the images! It’s important to feel relaxed when you are on a photo shoot. Also, don’t forget to gather any additional accessories you may need the day of your session as well. (Ex: Shoes, jewelry, veil, etc)

When will I see my Images?

Images will be posted in a Premiere Gallery 7 days after the session. Premiere galleries are designed to expedite orders for Bridal and Engagement session when a purchase decision needs to be made or credit value needs to be used. Images in Premiere Galleries will be watermarked and hosted online for 7 days to facilitate orders.

Included in the price of your Bridal and Engagement session, is a $50 single use credit that can be applied towards session specific prints, print packages, or digital file purchases. All the digital files from your gallery can be purchased at the rate of $299 + tax (this price includes the $50 discount). Your digital files will then be delivered via digital download in a separate online gallery with download capabilities. Your purchased images will be available for watermark free, hi resolution, unlimited downloading for the following 3 months from the purchase date!

A complete list of our print prices can be found here.

Should you have trouble viewing the Premiere Gallery, you are always welcome to visit the Studio. At the Studio, you will be able to view all of your hi-resolution images, watermark free, on a large display in a private room with whomever you would like to accompany you. If you would like to schedule a time to view these images (or discuss extensive retouching / photo manipulation), please call or email the studio.

*Keep in mind that your wedding will be hosted in a Display Galley and will be available for download as part of your package.